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Welcome to Sunrise Primary School

Established in 2002 by Mrs L. Da Silva at the residential stead then moved to kheswa’s site for three years behind total garage at the border location then came back to the residential area. The school is now at the municipality site below st. Johns church. Mrs l. Da Silva has passed on in May 2011 and is succeeded by Mr. F. Da Silva.

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Cultural Activities

Sunrise primary school is rich in cultural diversity as our learners are exposed to different types of cultures and experiences. Our learners and teachers come from different backgrounds celebrate different cultures on special occasions such as Heritage day. Our school learns to celebrate and respect other peoples cultures through various performances and teaching about their cultures.  The foundation and senior phase have the opportunity to go on a educational tour, where the visit different places around kwaZulu Natal. Our learners visited places such as Phezulu, Crocodile world, 1000 miles, Durban uShaka Marine.

What Students Say

  • This is personally the best primary school in Umzimkulu because they changed my entire behaviour from being completely disobedient to getting better marks and performing better well in sports. Thanks Sunrise Primary School.
    Ziyanda Ndlangisa
  • I was the head prefect class of 2010. The confidence that they install in a child is remarkable. The teachers there sincerely care about the child’s emotional situation and how they perform in the classroom. I loved being here, every day of my primary school life was a bliss.
    Anele Ndlangisa
  • Teachers of Sunrise Primary School are very caring and supportive in nature. They are always ready to take academic problems of their students. School is also very keen to improve the performance of their students in every aspect of their life whether academic or personal. I am thankful to the school and its management for putting in such sincere efforts for all the students of their school.
  • Primary school years were a literal sunrise for me with Sunrise Primary School; started each day of the week bright and sunny with a lot of productivity given to us by very enthusiastic educators, who patiently handled average and high performance from learners with much professionalism. If I were to choose a primary school afresh, I'd still choose sunrise; where all the brightness to your future begins.
  • Sunrise Primary School gave me the best foundation that has enabled me to pursue my goals without any limit nor fear. I remember particularly grade 7 where we were only 11 in class, the determination, drive and competitiveness in the classroom was very exciting and that experience l wont trade it for anything in the world. The teachers were passionate, dedicated and friendly, they gave us high quality education. Today l’m proud to say I'm a product of Sunrise Primary School and l highly recommend the school to everyone.

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Address: 513 Border Location, New Clydesdale, Umzimkulu 3297

Call: 039 624 1004

Cell: 0727376991 / 0826988567